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    I am trying to schedule a bar to stay on for 24 hours 2 days a week (24 hours Thursday & 24 hours Friday) .

    I have it set to recurring schedule
    Days Ticked Thurs & Fri
    Hour 0 Min 0
    Schedule duration 1440

    The start date is set for tomorrow and the end dat is set for a few weeks time.

    For some reason though it still says:
    Current Start Time: Thu, Jan 19, 12:00 am Current End Time: Fri, Jan 20, 12:00 am

    What am I doing wrong please?

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    Nevermind, if I click ‘see more schedules’ it shows additional dates so it looks like it should work.

    Plugin Support Swathi S


    Hello @kma9090,

    The Schedule only gives us the starting point. The Schedule duration is the one which sets how long the notification bar should display.

    If you set the Schedule Duration as 1440 minutes then the bar will show for 24 hours from the start time.

    I hope this helps!


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