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    If I set the number to 5, does it mean that each subscriber will only get 5 emails about new blog posts per hour?

    Or does it mean that every hour, only 5 of my subscribers will get the email about a new post?

    Perhaps a dumb question but I set it small so that my subscribers won’t get annoyed by too many emails.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Normally, majority of email hosts have a hourly email sending limit. So, if you exceed maximum email sending limit, your emails won’t deliver or set in a queue and send in next hour.

    So, we provide an option to set hourly limit. So, it is a maximum number of emails send in an hour.

    Hope that helps.

    Important additional note:
    Currently there is a cron job, that sends emails every 15min, so 4 times per hour. Every time 1/4 of this maximum number is sent. So, if you have a limit of 100/h and you have 200 subscribers, then it takes in total 2h until the last subscriber has got the email notification! 25 subscribers every 15min.

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