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  • It would seem that the upload option on the write page would add a file to the post but it doesn’t. So why is it there??

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  • The upload function will either add an attachment or an image and put it under /uploads/<year>/<month>/<date> provided you set the directories to have the required writing permissions. You can then link to such files and the addresses to reach them should be easily fetched using the editing page.



    After some testing … I love the new file upload!! It makes life so easy.

    Above all, I don’t want to sound like another panicky irate user, but could somebody give me a clear idea of how the image upload thing works.

    What I am doing is hit browse, find my pic., and uplaod it. It appears *as a thumbnail* in the upload field there. I drag and drop it onto the write-entry field. It can be stretched — but it’s still a thumbnail. There’s link to the original sized image.

    What I’ve been doing to get around this – is upload it, then use the ‘add an image’ button in the whizzy-wig bit. I then drag the thumbnail into the Image URL box in the ‘add an image’ dialog. I then delete the part that says thumbnail in the dragged URL.
    But it’s a pain.

    How is this feature supposed to work?
    THanks for any help.

    you click on the thumbnail picture, where it says “using as thumbnail” you click and it becomes “using full size”, then when you drag and drop it, it uses the url for the full size pic. i didnt get it at first either, but it seems pretty cool.
    what i cant find anymore is the options for the upload directory..?

    Here’s the deal: There is _no way_ to simply get the image url in the editor using the upload/thumbnail-thing, and keep the image’s original size.

    1. When you drag and drop as contrah descrbes above, you only get the link, not an IMG correct html code that displays the picture in the post.

    2. When you use the “send to editor” option in the menu it always gets sent with a width and height that isn’t the original of the picture.

    How on earth can I “send it” to the editor without getting the wrong sizes in the html-code? No I always have to erase or change the height/width in the code in order to display the picture as it realy is.

    EDIT >>

    This is solved in the coming 2.0.1 version of WP.


    Am I the only one who thinks that this “fix” in 2.0.1 didn’t quite fix the problem?

    At least I still get thumbnail dimensions for any image with a thumbnail, whether it puts the image in as a thunbnail or not. I use “Send to Editor” instead of drag-and-drop if it matters.

    And to think ppl bitched and moaned cause they couldn’t use the “new” setup, they still can’t figure out the “old” setup basically.. isn’t life grand!? Hahaha….

    All I do, is make an a presized image, that I know won’t mess up my theme, upload it to a directory..then add it by calling it up in the “add image” part, within the write post part..not even using the upload options….and then do with it what I want.. just like the latest post on my blog in my name..


    I even dragged n dropped them with the new feature, and got them to where I wanted them and how.. what the hell ppls lol!?

    well, i replaced the wp-admin/inline-uploading.php
    with what i found here:
    and it now works perfectly fine
    thanks a lot !

    on this blog :

    Ok folks…I’m a bit puzzled. I see everywhere that I need to make the upload directory world writable (not something I’m wild about) however, I see in this thread about inline-uploading.php which seems to check user profiles…

    So why won’t something like 665 or 666 work on the directory security? Or for that matter why not 770 since apache pulls the info with user www-data which is declared as the group owner of the directory.

    Or am I just missing something? I’ve thought to use something like a “<Limit POST>” statement in the httpd.conf for that directory so that everyone can read the directory/pictures but you get prompted for a password if you wish to upload. Does inline-uploading.php not use POST? This way I can also force the uploading over SSL in addition to the password.

    /brian chee

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