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  • Resolved kanenas


    VERSION 3.4.0
    Drop support for the Gutenberg plugin in favor of WordPress 5.0’s native functionality (different function names).

    Could you please explain a little further what does that mean?

    If I upgrade to WordPress 5.0 (with the Gutenberg plugin), will my posts using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved work?
    Is there something else I should be warned about?


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  • Plugin Contributor Alex Mills


    Sorry for the lack of clarity.

    Previously my plugin uses the PHP functions provided by the Gutenberg plugin, which were mostly prefixed with getenberg_. That update switched from relying on the code in the Gutenberg plugin to the code that is now directly located in WordPress 5.0 itself.

    In short, my plugin’s block no longer is enabled with non-5.0+ versions of WordPress even if you have the Gutenberg plugin enabled.

    Upgrading to WordPress 5.0 makes the Gutenberg plugin disable itself I believe and all should work fine, even if you were using WordPress 4.9.x + the Gutenberg plugin previously.

    Let me know if not!

    Alex sorry, I don’t think I understood you.

    You mean that my blog with WordPress 4.9.8 & SyntaxHighlighter Evolved 3.3.2 which works, if I update to SyntaxHighlighter Evolved 3.4.0 without upgrading to WordPress 5.0+ it won’t work?

    I am confused!

    Plugin Contributor Alex Mills


    That is correct. SH 3.4.0 requires WordPress 5.0 in order for the block to show up. Outside of the block, the plugin will work fine via shortcodes.

    Implementing the block for the Gutenberg plugin and implementing it for WordPress 5.0 is slightly different and I didn’t want to support both, but perhaps I should for a while and remove the Gutenberg plugin support later.

    Plugin Contributor Alex Mills


    v3.4.1 of my plugin brings back support for older versions of WordPress running the Gutenberg plugin. Enjoy. 🙂

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