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  • Hi all,

    As part of deciding what goes into the next version of WP-Medic, I’m trying to find out what sorts of tasks people use phpMyAdmin for, so we can make scripts focused on the task that render the usage of PMA unnecessary. For example, in the current WP-Medic release, we have a path options updater, advanced plugin managment, options table editor, etc.

    So: besides generic MySQL management—which is basically what PMA is best at—what specific WP-related tasks do you use PMA for?

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  • I think a lotta people use it to reset their password.

    phpmyadmin… hm, I usually use it to download the backup of my database.

    I use it for global replacement or deletion of text/links/tags, optimizing tables, deleting posts WP marks as spam and for some reason stores in the database, and backups of the database.

    Viper: yeah, that’s definitely going in.

    Ozzie: that’s the kinda thing PMA is best at 🙂

    Beel: Search and replace really sounds like it should be a normal plugin and eventually a built in feature.. using PMA to do that is a bit of a desperate hack, eh? 🙂 Purging spam, plugin logs etc. just might be something we throw in, interesting idea.

    i use it to see that ppl dont password-protect their folder named phpmyadmin in their webroot-directory 😉 then i delete all their tables for a laugh 😛 just kidding…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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