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  • Hello ,
    I am wanting to have a photo gallery on my blog , I was just wondering what everyone uses or suggests as I have not done this before.
    I would like to be able to work the design of the gallery into my existing design and also easy to manage and nice looking.
    Many Thanks!

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  • I’ve wondered the same thing myself and have done many searches using various phrases such as “photo album” “gallery”, etc.
    It seems that the two most popular are Coppermine and Exhibit.
    I just uploaded and installed Coppermine and am looking at the psnGallery2 add-on to integrate it into WP. I have to be honest in that first glance at the read me on Gallery2 kind of leaves me a little less enthusiastic about adding it to Coppermine.
    I’m curious too if anyone has any links to a “how to” on customizing Coppermine to make it appear like a person’s blog? In the meantime I’ll do some sluething to see if Coppermine has a forum.
    Oh, I had no problems at all installing Coppermine and I’ve used 4images on my personal non-blog site for over a year. But, just never really liked 4images that well. Although, at first glance Copper kind of reminds me of 4images.
    Anyone else?

    I use Gallery by
    I highly recommend it. The reason I went there was because of their organization of thumbnails and also I was looking for something that had a slideshow.
    They basically had everything that I wanted so here I am using it!
    If you have any questions or want to check out how it looks, email me at
    Hope that helps!

    yea i’m also using gallery from it’s worked great for me

    I use Simple PHP Gallery. While it might not have all the features that some of the other gallery systems have; it’s simple & quick to setup. Plus theming it to match the rest of your site is a breeze.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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