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  • Very simple, very nice. Still trying to reconcile the name, though. The blog is “ex nihilo” but the blog words are created from thoughts? 😉

    ya i know it should have been created from nothing, but how can you create something from nothing???

    ‘ignotum per ignotius’

    Life is a complex mechanism where exitus acta probat. We always try to understand it but the simple beginning gives way to a complex future and that to even more complexities.

    Your template looks like it was the child of Binary Bonsai’s Kubrick v.1.2.5. Its simple and clean. You should change it a bit more and come up with diffrent results.

    Hi Today!
    Ya, it is a changed version of Kubrick (the credits are given at the bottom of the page). Can you please suggest any kind of tweaks.

    Maybe you might want to lower your menu and clarify your Calendar a bit so that the menu is readable and the calendar is a bit more easier to read.

    Fixed the menu. I guess the calendar is clear enough. Can you please tell which part is unreadable?

    Its readable but if you look at it form a distance, the columns dont look too aligned. Its not a major problem, just Typography.

    dude you should consider registering instead of manually inserting the signature with everypost. its not that complicated.

    Where are you lost Beel?

    exitus acta probat is a dangerously foul idea…

    I get lost trying to rationalize the name of your blog with the description. It is a premise I am not buying, that’s all. 😉

    Nice use of Kubrick. The site menu is off. Pushing towards the left.

    The menu is fixed now. I got it towards the center. Any more suggestions?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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