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  • with the release of phpBB3 and the prosilver theme, I wanted to create a theme for my wordpress blog that would match my forum so I developed this theme. What are your thoughts?

    thanks, chris

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  • Very nice. Classy.

    Clean – perhaps too clean. I like it, though.

    too clean, is there such a thing. 🙂

    My intent was to make my blog not look like a blog but yet blend in with the rest of my site.

    I do understand what you are saying though and thanks for the input.


    Too simple

    can someone explain to me why it is too clean or too simple? I am having a tough time understanding that concept. Does it need to be more cluttered or more complicated? Please help me, thanks

    Cool set-up, with the Gallery for each team, etc.

    Nice bold favicon.

    In your sidebar: DOWN with Pages and Categories (the important ones are already in your header nav), UP with participatory community-building stuff like the Poll; Pic of the Day; and you should put Recent Comments as well as Recent Posts.

    I think, instead of clean (which is good), the problem might be bland (not so good). The large amount of blue & grey, and small amount of graphics, looks somewhat corporate. It just needs more pop and identity. Is this a sports site?

    Maybe just pulling more pictures into the homepage would help — pix in the articles, randomized pix in the sidebar or in that large area of the header.

    I see on the “About” page that you’re about pictures and videos – some of that would look great on Page 1.

    ahh, that makes more sense. I have been doing web design for quite some time and just recently got into the blog thing. I thought the goal of blogs was simplicity (kubrick).

    Your comments will help a lot. The main reason I havn’t incorporated pictures yet is the site is new and the football season isn’t till fall so we really don’t have any pictures to put up 🙂

    The navigation in the header is new as of yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to remove the page links which was my plan. My blog has multiple authors that are all new to blogging so I will have to get them used to posting pictures with their posts, thanks for the idea. I do like posts that have related pictures.

    Once again, thanks for the explanation.

    To get an idea of what I am used to check out that is my main site and am just now developing this new site.


    I have made some changes and I do like what it has done. I rearranged the sidebar, added images to the sidebar and also put images in the post contents. It does make the blog a little more “fun”!

    That improves it significantly. I like the poll at the top of the sidebar.

    The theme itself is still pretty conservative (and my advice is still make it more lively and edgy and active if it’s Sports). But the site looks better with the pictures filled in.

    Use CSS to put some space around the pictures that are in the posts, so the text doesn’t touch.

    You’re right Kubrick has that kind of look, but, Kubrick is “so 2005”. You probably want more pizzazz. Keep working at it, your site will always improve and never be static!

    thanks for the comments. The reason I created the theme was to blend with the rest of the site. I will on getting it more sports minded here in the next couple weeks. I will probably change the header image to include sports related images and such. I am a big fan of blogging though. Very tempted to switch some of my current sites to blogs but not sure I really want to tackle that project

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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