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  • Hello,

    I was just wondering what you all thought of my new gaming/programming site, Bunker 37. Any tips on how I could make it better are welcome.

    Bunker 37

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  • heya.
    Nice site, and it looks like you are thoroughly reviewing game you write about which is really good to see. If I had some feed back it would be:

    typography: whenever you put light-coloured fonts on dark backgrounds it’s always best to make the font-weight either a little bit heavier, or increase font size. Readability>aesthetics because if the content is strenuous to read, people will just give up.

    calendar: not sure if you need this. Maybe I should be able to click on a date and see all posts/reviews posted on this date.

    mainpage: having the full review of multiple games on the home page may be confusing and difficult. People may accidently scroll to quickly when scrolling down and then they have to find the game they were reading about. Maybe have just a preview and a link to full review as youve done on your other pages. This would also make the content div shorter so the content:sidebar ratio isnt so large.

    all in all great work. keep reviewing

    Looks good actually.

    Two minor changes I would make (dealing with readability as crammy90 brought up):

    1) Increase the font-size slightly for the content (left column) and decrease the font-size slightly for the sidebar. Basically I would want the content font to be the size the sidebar links are now.

    2) I would also decrease the size of the sidebar slightly and add some margin between the sidebar and the content. Give it a little breathing room and I think you’ll have a fairly clean tight site.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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