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  • I changed the theme a couple days ago, still having a few problems I am trying to work out (like the RSS feed not wanting to work). I finally got the sidebar 125×125 ads spots up.

    What do you like about it?

    What do you not like about it?

    Site is feel free to reply your answers in the forums if you’d like, it needs more posts.


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  • I think there is too much “Your ad here”. It looks desperate.

    Also, there is trapped white space next to that.

    maurreen is right, and you’ve got 90 validation errors to boot.

    I have tried to get the ads more closer together, but I cannot figure out how.

    What do you mean by 90 validation errors? I’m still new to this so no clue what that means.

    Ok I changed the images to the one the last theme used. The images are a lighter color so they don’t stick out as much. I still have no idea on what to do in order to get the moved closer together, they space between them is gone, but still big gaps between the different layers.

    If anyone knows a piece of code to remove the gaps that would be great news.

    1. I would suggest having your excerpts a bit longer.

    2. I agree that the big blocks of non-existent ads are a bit off-putting. I’d suggest putting something else in those spots (images, links to posts) until you have ads to publish. Or you could just put some Google ads there for the time being, and add a small link below to the effect of “Click if you want to advertise here” or something.

    I’d suggest putting something else in those spots (images, links to posts) until you have ads to publish.

    Or wait until you have some actual readers before you worry about the stupid ads!

    Well I have read multiple places if you plan to have ads it’s better to have the spots there to start with. I have already gotten 1,500+ page views since the 9th.

    Problem is I can’t figure out why my RSS link will not work…or custom permalinks, it’s getting annoying really.

    I have re-done the ads so that the 125×125 spots are closer together and more monetized. I have also put in a 336×280 under them testing out the feel of it, I’m not sure I like the feel of it though.

    The ad I have in it currently may be whats causing the lack of compassion for it though. If anyone comes across this post let me know what you think I should do:

    1. keep it the way it is,

    2. remove a layer of 125×125 ads

    3. remove the 336×280 ad and replace it with 2 more 125×125 ad spots.

    I have read the comments before about waiting on the ads, but with over 2,000 page views in August, I feel that is good enough to prepare the ad spots even if I put temporary ad placements in them for now.

    Thanks for coming across this, I’m off to get some sleep!

    I agree with Maurreen. I’m not a fan of ads before pages or categories. 🙂

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    What do you mean by “before pages or categories”? Most blogs I have seen have their 125×125 ads on the top of their sidebars (such as, and the pages are the first things at the top. So I’m not sure I understand.

    Thanks for checking it out though.




    i dont find that ad placement that bad.

    the ads are ok only the 326*280 :S


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    I also was thinking the big one was a bit much. I have a lot to do today, but if I find time I was going to change it into 2 more 125×125 so it’s not so, out there…

    Well, I am not sure about the “your ad here” banners, they’re annoying and clutter up the page. Otherwise, not bad.

    Yeah there starting to get annoying to myself as well. I took two of them off for now, haven’t been able to find but one person to advertise for. Hopefully something will happen soon. Thanks for your reply.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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