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  • All day events do not have a start OR end time. Non all days events have both.

    So if I have an event that starts at 6pm and ends whenever everyone goes home, how do I indicate 6pm start time but no end time? Are you saying that All Day events can have either, but non all day events require both?

    What I said was All day events do not have a start OR end time. If you look at the Edit Event page when you edit an existing page, or the Add New Event page when you are adding a new event, in the Event Details section of either, you can set up the date/time options. Any event is going to have a time definite when it will end. You have a party, wedding, race, a cookout, whatever, it will end eventually. The only event that you will not have a know end time is death, unless one is committing suicide and wants to enter that on the calendar.

    My mardi gras parades have no end time but they have a definitive start time 🙂

    Sometimes they last 2 hours, other times they last 6 depending on weather and participation. They are outdoor public events with no true end time and no time in which people actually have to leave.

    Herein lies my dilemma 🙂

    Ah, now you are making sense. From what I know, mardi gras parades starts whenever the drinking starts and end when the last man standing isn’t. I wouldn’t worry about start/end times: no one will pay any attention, nor will they be sober enough to focus on their watch.

    LOL… it’s kinda crazy….

    My main problem really is that when I find events to post, they never ever have an end time. I usually just estimate but I often get emails about shows only lasting X hours or “why is this show so long” blah blah blah. It would be nice if the end time was optional. That is all.

    There is a new version (1.9) coming out in a few weeks. Maybe that will address your issue. I’ve got one that has to do with event dates that I’m hoping will be addressed. If you have an event that occurs on a floating date (like Thanksgiving) and continues forever, ai1ec can’t handle it, so I have to set it up as occurring on the 4th Thursday of the month and excluding every month except November.

    I hope v 1.9 addressed that.

    Yeah I was reading that thread you had going. I replicated the error to see if it may have been just you or the plugin. You’re not crazy 🙂

    I’m glad someone else replicated that issue. I’ve got some relatives and friends who might argue the crazy part.

    I’ve been to Haughton. I can’t disagree lol

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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