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  • Asked a question in the subforums – 3 days have gone by and no response. Question is now “buried” several pages deep probably never to see the light of day.

    What is the protocol on the forums here? Do I bump? Do I just sit and wait and clean my nails? Do I move on to another blog package? And yes I realize these forums are staffed with volunteers but there comes a point… especially when you’re trying to get somewhere in a time sensitive environment.

    Hate to sound like I’m whining. My opinion: WordPress is not as easy as it’s purported to be…


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  • Hi there, yes I understand how you feel, and you’re right its not good to bump or repost within 24 hours.
    Yes everyone is a volunteer and not all posts get answered straightaway, usually by searching the forums, you can usually find an answer fairly quickly.
    Not sure what your post was, but if it was 3 days ago, then post again, or search for any posts that may have already answered your problem.
    hope this helps, good luck.




    Not sure what your post was, but if it was 3 days ago, then post again, or search for any posts that may have already answered your problem.

    WRONG answer. BUZZZ, no money for you. reposting the same question isnt what you do.

    Hoib, three days is plenty of time to just go back to your original thread and bump it back toward the top. YOu might add anything you have else have tried to the post you use to bump too 🙂

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    Hoib, some of us even use just to help out the great unanswered.

    Bumping is rude if it happens too frequently. But as Whoo mentioned adding to your original thread something helpful like “I just tried <TECHNICAL JARGON HERE> and no luck” will get you popped back to the top.

    Now I’m going to look at your profile and see what is really bugging you 🙂

    Edit: Okay I’m stumped. I’m guessing the “Members Only sub-page file management” post is the one your talking about; that sort of integration is just out of my league.

    Well, there are people here! Great!

    I had asked about setting up a file upload/download area for our members. I absolutely DID search for this but the question is so general, I’m not surprised that an answer wasn’t forthcoming. I know “bumping” is severely frowned upon in most forums I’m a member of so that response isn’t surprising.

    One of things about WordPress I’m finding out is: you have to know something about what it is you’re asking about before you ask about it! For me, it’s not very easy. I understand the basics of it, but it appears if you’re going to go any deeper than “button pushing”, you hafta get into “geek mode”. Not a bad thing, mind you – but it’s a surprise to learn that you have to know the details of PHP and CSS in order to customize. Again, I shouldn’t have been surprised by this.

    OK, then I’ll just give it another day to “brew”…

    Thanks you all..


    Do you even need a plugin to allow others to download a file? Wouldn’t it be as easy as simply posting a title for the document in the members only area you have password protected and then hyper-linking the title to the actual file location?

    I think when someone clicks on the document title they would then get the “Open With”, or “Save To” dialog, would they not?

    @clayton – thanks for your input.

    Well, I didn’t know what to expect from WP. WP is being implemented because our webhost (donated resource) wants it. So, as the implementer, I’m asked to provide solutions. Your idea sounds like what I need but how do I implement it? There’s no doc specifying what procedure as simply and eloquently as you just did! I’ve uploaded one .doc file to test this, it’s there – I can see it plainly in the Admin panel, but as a user, it’s non-existent. There’s no “Download” button – I guess you have to supply it. How? Who knows!

    So, for me, the mystery continues.

    I can see it plainly in the Admin panel, but as a user, it’s non-existent. There’s no “Download” button

    Because you have not provided it.

    This is a basic html issue rather than a WordPress issue. Some light reading might be in order. Let’s say the file you uploaded is named test.doc. We will also assume that your file has been uploaded to a folder on your blog named “publicdocs”, but it can be anywhere you want. Go to your private page and create a list of available publicdocs using any verbage you like. Edit the page you want it to appear on using an ordered list, unordered list, any format you choose. Here is an simple example of your post:

    New form available! Download test.doc here!

    Now format the word “here”, as a hyperlink. Just highlight it in the visual editor, if you are using it, and click on “link”. Now enter the actual address at which the “test.doc” file resides.

    The end result should look like this:

    New form available! Download test.doc <a href="">here</a>!

    No mystery. Just basics.It won’t all be point and click with buttons and sliders.


    OK, I completely understand what you’ve said. It should only be that simple. Here’s the deal – I do not know where in the file system, that uploaded file is located. Therefore I cannot specify a directory/folder to point the link to. Again, the webhoster knows his file structure (in Linux) but I don’t.

    And wow! Look at all those “1 post” items! Never knew that sort/filter existed. Glad you folks found it for me.

    What I’ll do then is see if I can contact him for a little assistance. Then, go back and see how to add an HTML hyperlink to that file, within the body of the sub-page called “Members”. That hopefully should do it. And I won’t forget to come back to post results, good or bad.

    Thanks all.

    OH! WAIT!

    I see it now! Yes, the directory/folder is viewable – I just had to dig around for it in the Admin panel, under Manage > Downloads. So, I now have to figure out how to assign it to the Members area.

    The march presses on…

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