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  • I’ve done a lot of work over the last month or so tweaking and re-tweaking the layout and header of my blog all while continuously adding quality content discussing various topics from my point of view.

    Please take some time to give me a thoughtful review of the display thus far and where I could look for places to improve!

    Thanks a bunch!


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  • I actually found it really easy to navigate and you have a lot of interesting content. One quick typo mention, in your footer “Who’s Behind TheEventOf” you claimed, you are “currently using that education to make ends meat” …I think you mean, meet. Might want to correct that. But other than that, I don’t have much, if any, criticism to offer, it looks great and again, very easy to navigate.

    Thanks for the positive feedback glad to hear that you think it’s in good shape. And big thanks for pointing out that typo sometimes I’ll read something fifty times but not catch it! – just fixed it! 😀

    Your site got me interested right away: just by the first post (Black Swan 😉 )! You’re correct in saying you’ve filled it with quality content. I had a hard time figuring out what to tell you because I honestly do like how it looks. The only, only thing thing that felt a bit off for me is the title font for the different posts. Everything (like your headline) looks so great that that font just seems way too dull for your site. It’s not cool enough for your blog, ha!

    @koalaeva Thanks for the kind words I’ll look into making the heading a little more “cool” for ya :). I’m glad to hear that’s the best you could come up with for criticism as it’s definitely a minor change!

    Much better already! And you’re most welcome!



    Lots changed – I even made my own logo in photoshop would love to hear some opinions on the layout and design… thanks! 🙂


    If you are going to leave your images clickable, then install this plugin so that a pop window opens containing the image(s)…


    As much as I like the content in your site, I find the site’s name and approach very confusing. The unfinished sentence is just difficult for me to take in. I see where you are going with this, but I don’t know if it really works. This is further compromised by the hard to read logo – I don’t think the graphic reel works for you. I found myself looking up at the URL bar to confirm what I was reading. The fact that you further complicate this with another font and line (for the completion of the sentence) is not good. I would prefer it all in one line –

    The Event of…The Missing Person!

    You have to be really straightforward with a site’s title – and you want people to remember it and leave without a question mark – otherwise all your effort is wasted. We went for a really straightforward in your face approach with I want people to remember the name and see it clearly.

    Interestingly, one of the domains we are selling – – reminds me of your site. We acquired this domain thinking it would be an interesting gimmicky thing – Details to come… In the end, however, it is a bit confusing and we haven’t had much luck with it. I know opened the floodgate – but they don’t all work for us.

    I know we are living in an age where all the great phrases seem to be taken, and we are inspired to try new things. I think you can work with this if it is done right graphically – Perhaps another graphic approach would be to read The Event of… on the left side, and on the right side, you have the completion of the sentence, but you can change it every 20 or so seconds – like a ticker approach. This might be a way to establish the timeliness that the phrase implies and the many subjects you will be featuring.

    I hope this helps!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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