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  • Hallo! I’m just seeking some help in writing my postgraduate report! And i’d greatly appreciate if you could spare a minute and say what associations you have with the following words:
    hully gully
    swiss kick
    flim flam tap
    Do these words bear positive or negative meaning? how do you use them in sentences?

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  • Er, I’m not sure the WP support forum is the appropriate place to be posting this.

    Ha ha!

    What a fantastic post Janeal! I’ve never used any of the words in any sentence ever!! And most of them I’ve never seen before and don’t even understand! I find your post very surreal!! You gave me a great laugh!! Thanks 🙂

    English is not my first language.. But still.. Pataflafla?!! Flim flam tap?!! LOL!! Now I’m laughing again!!

    jitterbug = some form of dance ?
    boogie = also a dance i think..
    jive = dance again

    i dont know what the rest are.

    Jitterbug? A kind of dance they did around wartime, as in “we did the jitterbug”
    Boogie – dance, as in “to have a boogie”
    Paradiddle – a type of movement used in drumming
    Jive – dance
    Flim flam tap – more drumming movements

    I’m intrigued as to why you want to know all this though!

    Call me paranoid but you could have found these all on google, are you watching us?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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