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  • I’m adding an admin page for CG-Referrer, since many users don’t necessarily want exposed stats for other users than themselves. Wondering what specific things people are looking for? I already have:

    – unique IP tracking
    – last N visitors
    – bot ID & tracking
    – referrer spam blocking (same blacklist as my comment spam)
    – top N referrer domains
    – last N searches
    – combinations (last N visitors that match a search/query string…)
    – quick stats: unique IPs per day, per week summed, per last 30d

    Any other ideas? I’m not planning on pretty graphs and such… 😉


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  • Some way of filtering the referrers would be good – to take out any random search hits from Google for example.
    And as long as I can get a unique visits count I’m a happy man.

    I’d like as much information as possible on one page. I currently use ba stats and that’s my number one complaint. I have to modify 3 drop down boxes just to get to the information I want. I want it all there, all the time. Scrolling is much easier.

    Cool. Well, my alpha-test is going, so I’ll keep this open, see if anyone else has further ideas. I’ll keep these in mind as I continue to enhance it working toward CG-PP 1.5 release.



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