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    Yes, I am having an issue that has been posted about a gazillion times on here already. However, I cannot find a resolution that pertains to my exact situation, so I would appreciate a thoughtful response, and not just another link to the threads and helps texts that I have poured over for days now (unless, of course, it is a link to one that I have no found yet that actually solves my issue).

    I just downloaded WordPress. I set up a MySQL database and edited my wp-config.php file appropriately. I uploaded WordPress to my server.

    On every page, I get a similar error message across the top:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/g/l/0/gl0mp/html/blog/wp-config.php:1) in /home/content/g/l/0/gl0mp/html/blog/wp-login.php on line 12

    Each page has a slightly different “in” message, and some pages have more than one. But the consistent part is that they all say this:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/g/l/0/gl0mp/html/blog/wp-config.php:1)

    so I would think it safe to say that the problem is with line 1 of the wp-config.php file.

    I know that this problem typically occurs when there is extra white space before the <?php tag and/or after the ?> tag. I have triple-checked this file for that and there is NO WHITE SPACE. I have even re-downloaded WordPress and uploaded a fresh copy of the file, but I am still getting the same problem.

    Does anyone have another solution that I could try? I am about to lose hope here. 🙁

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  • How did you edit your config.php file? What program did you use? How did you save it? Specifics please.

    I edited it first in Microsoft Expression Web, which should be safe considering it is a web-development software (reminds me of Dreamweaver).

    All I did was change the appropriate parts of the file (database name, etc.) and then click the Save button. I used the same program and save method to try and remove and white space.

    When I continued to have issues, I decided to edit the file in Notepad. I did that with a fresh, new downloaded copy of WordPress. But the problem didn’t go away, which is why I am just miffed.

    A detailed description of this issue is available at FAQ Troubleshooting

    Thanks, MichaelH, but as I said, I have already read (and re-read, and re-read) that particular help page and done exactly what it says several times, but to no avail.

    You missed the question “How did you save it?” I have a feeling that it’s being saved in a non-text format that’s throwing in some sort of formatting.

    Are you editing the file locally then uploading it, or are you using an editor on your host? (cPanel, for instance, offers an editor via their File Manager)

    Want to make this really simple?

    Start over with that file – extract a fresh copy of wp-configsample.php (or whatever it is called) from your WP download.

    This time, use only a text editor on it. Notepad will suffice.
    Enter your data as before and upload it to your site.

    That is what I did the second time, HandySolo. Downloaded a brand new copy and edited it in Notepad. I would never use an editor on my host! Still no dice.

    drmike, I’m not sure I understand your question. I opened it as wp-config.php and saved it as wpconfig.php.

    Just for kicks, I tried HandySolo’s suggestion one more time. This time I opened it in Wordpad instead of Notepad. And it worked!

    Thank you, guys, for helping and for putting up with me. You’re my heroes. 🙂

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