• Hello David, I’m sorry to hear you had to discontinue this plugin. But I have a problem now, as I’ve used footnotes on several of my blogs, the code is now shown in the text which gives a lot of clutter.

    Are you aware of another plugin which has the same setup, so I can keep using the shortcode I created? (I used a double (( — text — )) )

    Thank you,


    Update: I’ve changed the priority to 6 and now it’s working again. But I’m still worried about the future.

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  • Plugin Contributor David Artiss


    Hi Yolanda,

    I’m sorry you felt the need to leave a 1 star review rather than ask about this in the support forum. If you can find the time to do so, you might find some existing advice over how to restore your footnotes and, if that doesn’t work, I’ll be happy to provide further help

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    Hi David,

    I gave a 1 star review because you leave your users stranded with broken footnotes codes. After googling this issue I found the support forum with the solution from another user. And that worked for me as well.

    If you had communicated this solution earlier, it would be less panic for me and other users, and I wouldn’t have written this review.

    Now that it’s solved I’m happy, but I still worry about the future, as I have many footnotes and it would be a nightmare to manually change them to use in another plugin.

    Unfortunately I can’t remove this review, so I will change it to a 4 star.

    I seriously hope you can take over again, or hand it over to someone with the same setup, because to me this is the best footnotes plugin there is, and I’ve tried them all…

    Plugin Contributor David Artiss


    Hi Yolanda – thanks for updating that.

    As of today, I’ve handed over the plugin to a new developer, who comes with a lot stronger set of credentials. I feel a lot more confident this time around that all of the problems can be resolved and the plugin will be safe hands.

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    Thank you David, that is good news!

    If they ever would start a paid version, I’d be the first to upgrade!

    Thanks for all your work,

    Yolanda, NL

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