What do I do when my site gets hacked or gets hit by viruses? (4 posts)

  1. skywalker786
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I have installed WP-DBManager, and have downloaded the .sql file through the plugin, I have also downloaded all the wordpress files by ftp.

    If the site gets hacked or gets a virus, do I simple uploaded all the wordpess files I download vie ftp and restore the .sql file with WP-DBManager plugin?



  2. I deleted your other duplicate topic, please be careful not to do that as it makes it harder to provide you with support.

    This should work for that .sql file.


    If the site gets hacked or gets a virus

    If that happens then restoring your database is the least of your worries. You'd have to delouse your installation first then worry about restoring your database.

  3. skywalker786
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Just so I understand as I am a newbie, in the event of an virus or hack attached.

    I would delete the wordpress files vie ftp, re-install fresh copy and them restore DB as instructed here:


    I am fellow newbie who needs detailed instructions, I hope you understand? :)


  4. Welcome to using WordPress. I think you'll like it but there is a small learning curve.

    You're already on the road to Doing It The RIght Way™ because you are thinking about backups, being able to restore, and planning for the worst.

    That's a great start and I think you're doing fine. ;) Just make sure your backups are stored off of your server too.

    I am fellow newbie who needs detailed instructions, I hope you understand? :)

    I do and sincerely hope that you (or anyone) do not get hacked and have to deal with that.

    This is the often quoted list of articles that get posted when someone is hacked.

    You need to start working your way through these resources:

    Anything less will probably result in the hacker walking straight back into your site again.

    Additional Resources:
    Hardening WordPress

    Don't become intimidated! Those articles are all good but delousing is a lot of work. ;)

    It's just that if your site does get compromised then you need to harden your installation and delouse it first. Once that's done and you've validated that your backup is safe then you can worry about restoring it.

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