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  • I have a blog posted at

    I want to have like a subsection, kind of like a second blog for different types of writing. I want to move about half of my posts to that portion and have it viewable, with a different title.

    How would I go about something like that?

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  • What do you mean by a “subsection”? Kind of second blog or indeed a second blog?
    That would require a separate install.

    And for “selectively” exporting certain posts – you’ll probably need some custom MySQL query. Hopefully some good souls will help you… once you decided what would you want to do.

    Basically I have one blog which will keep about 60% of the posts in it, I will go in and repost the other 40% on the second blog. I want them to share the same domain which is “” but I want to be able to click on a link and for it to go to a page that looks exactly like my blog but has the other 40% of the posts associated with it.

    I dont know if that makes any sense or not?

    If it is (will be) a second blog – it cannot share the same URL. It can be only <– replace “secondblog” with whatever folder name you want!

    Then, on your main blog you can have a link that points to the new install.
    As for looking the same – use the same theme on both blogs.

    Ahhh ok I see now, so I would put a wordpress install into say “” and than just moderate it from therE?

    Greetings–excuse me buit I am new to wordpress and wp forums and I cannot figure out of this thread is appropriate for my questions.

    I don’t know how to just ask a new question. Just had someone install wordpress with update and podpress and I am clueless as to how to change positions of posts (put top on bottom and bottom on top; eg) or how to eliminate a date of 1969.

    gooddog: Read the sticky: Forum Rules. There are instructions there too.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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