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    Recently a blue circle with a number (10) has begun appearing in the admin UI next to “Events.” In the menu below a red badge displays next to Events while the number 6 and another red badge next to Recurring Events displays the number 4.

    What are these badges telling me? I could find no explanation in the Events Manager documentation.

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  • Hi Jim,

    I think those numbers will correspond to the number of pending/draft events.
    It’s native WordPress to a “pending” bubbles to the menu. Also, if a post is pending, a bubble will appear.

    Thanks, Patrick.
    Hmm. I have no idea what is meant by a “pending” Event.

    There are 12 draft Recurring Events; the “bubble” says “4.”
    There are 41 draft Events’ the “bubble” says “6.”

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    do you have atleast sample screenshot of your events > events for us to see and analyze?

    Here you go:

    For whatever reason, the circle at the admin LHN top level that used to display a blue circle with the number 10 now displays a red circle with the number 10.

    Thanks for looking into this–

    If you click on Events, you will see the Events List. All the way at the top you will see summaries: All(X), Published(X), Draft(X).
    Any of those X corresponding with the 6?

    Do the same for the Recurring events to see what has 4.

    It is the same sort of notification as is shown in your won screenshot: you have 1 plugin that needs updating.

    By default EM does not “activate” the bubbles, but there could very well be another plugin doing that. For example: I am using Sliced Invoices and that creates bubbles for draft/pending/review posts as well.

    You can check it by deactivating other plugins until the bubbles disappear. If you reactivate that plugin and the bubbles come back, you will know what plugin is causing it.

    Thanks, Patrick.
    I know of course what the bubble means when it displays next to Plugins, and some other items such as Yoast.
    There is no correspondence between the numbers that display in the bubbles next to Events and Recurring Events with any of the filters for All, Mine, Published, or Drafts.

    Btw I have figured out the pattern of when bubbles display red and when blue. The bubble next to the events item
    –displays red when the Events item is not selected
    –displays blue when the Events item is selected.
    –the bubbles next to the submenu items continue to display red.


    I tried deactivating and reactivating a few plugins that I suspected might have an effect on the admin menu. No effect on the mystery bubbles.
    I will need to have a strong need to procrastinate from doing something important before I spend an hour turning off and on all 45+ plugins.

    Purging the page cache has no effect as well.

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    can you try option under Events > Settings > General > Admin Tools > Database Cleanup > Remove Orphaned Events and see if it makes any difference?

    It did make a difference:
    –the number 4 no longer displays next to Recurring Events in the LHN
    –the blue bubble next to the top level Events now displays the number 6.
    The red bubble next to the second-level Events node continues to also display the number 6.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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