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  • I bought a full lifetime subscription to and expected get full versions of all the themes in their lineup. This theme looks like a free theme from a third party that requires an upgrade to a “pro” version to unlock all it’s features. I was also surprised to find that the demo of the theme on the site looks nothing like the standard “out of the box” config. The demo is nice looking but I’m afraid it’s going to take more work than I budgeted for the client to give them a site that looks like the demo.

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  • Did you solve the problem? I upgraded Full Frame to 1.7 and now my website looks like crap. What to do?

    @mxixm: You are reviewing different theme here. This is free Full Frame Theme and the theme you are talking about is Premium one, which is not from us. So, you need to contact theme not us at there.

    Sorry for the trouble and confusion.

    Sakin, thanks for the response. I’m more cautious now.

    panchul, my issue wasn’t with an upgrade. I have been referring to the theme Instructions on the web site and that’s been helpful.

    @mxixm: Thanks for your reply. Can you change your rating as you are rating theme on the basis of different theme which we are not responsible for. Please help 🙂


    After analyzing logs of both themes ( Full Frame from graphpaperpress and Full Frame from catchthemes ) I found that those themes have nothing to do with each other i.e. they are written by different people and have different layout and features.

    However since they have the same name, the WordPress updater gets confused and replaces Full Frame from graphpaperpress by Full Frame from catchthemes.

    When this happened yesterday I was under the wrong impression that I am
    dealing with the same theme but need to pay to get all features of paid
    version back. As a result I have spend $39.99 to buy premium theme from
    catchthemes ).

    Now I restored the Full Frame theme from graphpaperpress. Can I now get my money back from the purchase of Frame theme from catchthemes? I don’t need this theme, I don’t plan to use it, I was under impression I am buying something else, there was no warning about the situation.

    As a business, catchthemes has an obligation to put a warning for the users of Full Frame from graphpaperpress to avoid confusion of this sort and refund all erroneously made transactions.

    Thank you,
    Yuri Panchul

    @panchul: Yes, we will do refunds. Sorry for the trouble.

    Sakin: Thank you

    panchul: Thank you, I had the same issue with the wrong theme.

    Sakin: Thank you for your help. I changed my rating based on your support.

    Theme Author Catch Themes


    @mxixm: Thanks for updating rating 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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