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  • Hi,

    This has me buggered! I’m hosting on WordPress Engine. I am making edits to the site on the staging environment (which is a total copy of the live site) and i am ready to go live. When going live using wordpress engine hosting you “push” the staging site, with your changes, back over to production (live). You can choose which database tables to “push” to live. Anything you “push” (move) over to live will override the live site and database tables.

    This is a woocoomerce site with gravity forms and zapier integration into infustionsoft.

    While i have been working on the edits on the staging environment, the site is still live and taking orders, users are creating accounts and filing out forms.

    I want to “push” (move) the site to live but I don’t want to loose the information the site has gained (above) by overriding any database tables with the new ones.

    My question is this… When I “posh” (move) the staging site to production (live) what database tables do I move? Which tables will override the woocommerce orders, the new users, forms and zapier settings? I’ve been researching it but I’m not getting a clear answer.

    Here are 3 screenshots of my list of database tables.

    Thanks in advance for any help! Greg

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    Please contact WP-Engine support for help with this.

    Of course I did. It was the first thing I did…. I didn’t get any help from them. My question has nothing do do with hosting at all. I’m making edits to a copy of a live site, then once done moving that copy to override the live site. But there are some parts of the live site I don’t want to override. I was simply explaining what I am doing which I’m probably not communicating very well. This is a general database issue that would be the same no matter who or where the site is hosted. This is why I’m hoping I can get some help here. Someone has to know what database files effect what parts of a wordpress website. And yes I looked up the tables on WooCommerce’s documentation and put in a support ticket with them and again I have not got any specific answers.

    So basically I’m asking this:

    1. What WooCommerce database tables affect the orders? I have Zapier connecting my WooCommerce registration form (with extra fields I added) with infusionsoft so when someone fills our a form the info goes to infusionsoft as a new contact. Works great. So when I move the tables to the live site they are overriding the orders and overriding the Zapier intergration. I have tried moving some tables systimatacly trying to figure out what effects what but I’m not having any luck. These are my WooCommerce Tables
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_api_keys
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_order_itemmeta
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_order_items
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_payment_tokens
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_sessions
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_shipping_zones
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_tax_rate_locations
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_tax_rates
    – wp_kgrb_woocommerce_termmeta

    2. What tables are effecting the comments? I thought this was easy because these tables looked pretty obvious:
    – wp_commentmeta
    – wp_comments
    – wp_kgrb_comments
    – wp_kgrb_commentmeta
    But when I moved all the other tables but did not move these the comments still were overridden.

    3. What tables are effecting the Zapier integration? Not having any luck with their support either.

    I’m trying to move as much of the site as I can with out changing/overiding the Comments, WooCommerce orders, Users and Zapier connections between WooCommerce and Infusionsoft and Gravity forms and Infusionsoft.

    I think what I’m asking is pretty straight forward but maybe I am making it sound more complicated.

    Here is a follow up ticket I received back from WooCommerce support. It is very helpful.

    Thank you for contacting WooCommerce – I’m happy to help.

    Are there any database tables that store user information?

    The main tables used, include:

    However, many extensions use additional DB tables outside of the ones listed above.

    With that said, moving from staging to live can be a tricky process if you have an existing live site, especially when it involves merging orders / customers / products.

    While support for the exact database tables falls outside the scope of support we’re able to offer (more information in our Support Policy), I would strongly recommend taking a closer look at WP Migrate DB Pro – essentially this will allow you to push / pull DB tables in both directions.

    Normally, the process would include the following:

    Enable maintenance mode on live to prevent any further user activity taking place (i.e. placing orders);
    Create backups of live AND staging;
    Use WP Migrate DB Pro to merge all tables from live to staging;
    Confirm everything is working on staging;
    Push entire staging site to live
    Deactivate maintenance mode on live
    Finally, I’d also like to point you to a guide written by my colleague that might be worthwhile reading:

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