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    They were done for a 3 day weekend last weekend, and closed the support desk (you can’t send in support tickets). I finally got my support ticket submitted on Monday, they replied on Friday. I responded to them almost immediately, then I find out that they closed the support desk for ANOTHER 3 DAY WEEKEND! So my issue, that I’ve been having since Saturday won’t be fixed until AT LEAST next Monday. THAT’S 10 DAYS OF NO SUPPORT TO A COMPANY THAT I PAY (a theme and 3 plug-ins)!. Run. Find something else. WooCommerce is probably the worst plugin that I’ve ever gotten involved in. They’ve stopped caring where the money comes from, just that it comes in.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Support was only closed to *new* tickets. Replies were enabled.

    Looking at your tickets, all of them seem to have replies and none have been ignored 10 days. Maybe you can enlighten me to the ticket ID so I can follow up, but it looks like this review is a little unjust..


    After disappearing for a bit yesterday, your “customer service rating” is down to 74% from the high 90’s when I brought into your scheme and mid-80’s before you started closing for the weekend. Quite obviously, I’m not the only one with an issue.

    On February 14th I replied to an email from you ( I have not seen nor heard anything back on that email. The email does not say its an unmonitored account. So, lets start the count there. Today is 2/26. My math says 12 days.

    On February 17th I submitted a ticket with 3 issues. The response to that (on 2/21, seconds before you closed for the second 3 day weekend in a row) was, split your support ticket and the 1 thing that is actually my job is a “feature” of the theme so deal with it despite it being contrary to what anyone who has ever used the internet would think or expect. In a follow up to that issue, my second issue was “resolved” with a “deal with it”. (My words, sentiment’s the same.)

    My second issue, officially submitted as a separate issue on 2/24 received a response of “we’ll fix it whenever we get around to sending out an update” (again my words) and was closed without allowing me opportunity to respond. That was on 2/25 and I contend that the only reason you responded within that time period was because I complained here.

    My third issue, again officially submitted as a separate issue on 2/24, is “getting assigned to support” as of this morning. Again, I think this is only because I’m complaining here. Otherwise it would wait until Friday or Monday or 3 Thursdays from next week.

    You release a massive update, then close for 2 three day weekends in a row. That’s not the brightest thing you could do. I work a full-time 10-hour-a-day job Monday through Friday and am trying to build a commerce site. Monday through Friday, the only thing I have time to do is ship my orders. Any website maintenance gets done on the weekend. That’s a fact of my life, and if WooCommerce can’t support it’s customers in that fashion their customers need to look at other products.

    ANDDDDDDDDDDDD… My third issue from above, that I was told to split into a separate ticket because it needed to be resolved by a different department, was just sent from the Commerce department to the theme department (the same guy that told me to split the ticket) so he could resolve it. So, I contact him on 2/17 and it’s not his job but is on 2/26. Am I the only one that’s confused?



    Hi Bridget,

    I am very sorry for the trouble here. I would like to work with you directly regarding the issues you are having on these tickets. I am not seeing the same reports that you are giving above, specifically I only see 3 tickets submit this year and all were after the Feb. 14th date you are stating here (the ‘oldest’ ticket from this year is showing a Feb. 18th creation date).

    I will be emailing you directly to help sort out these issues. I am very sorry for the trouble you have experienced this past few weeks and I am confident that we can help improve this for you in the future.

    I will be in touch shortly (creating a new ticket to you).


    All support tickets have been addressed and closed via email.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    If everything was solved, it would be great if you’d update your review 🙂

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