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  • I’ve been wondering how I can fix the about and archive pages on my blog. They came with my blog theme but when I or a visitor clicks on them, they get a 404 error. Saying it’s not there.

    I want to add another page, contact as well. How can I get all the links/buttons on my page to work?

    Where is the code, what needs to be changed?

    Thanks in advance guys/gals

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  • Now, I’m just a N00b, so you can take this with a grain of salt, but if memory serves me, no…wait. It won’t have to. I just confirmed it by doing it. (Cutline 3 col-split). Go to your dashboard > manage > pages > Archives > edit > page template, select Archives and save the page. This makes the archives page functional. As for the rest, I know you are an experienced WordPress user, so have at it and above all have fun!

    By the way, Thank you to all the WordPress users and forum contributors who have provided me with an absolute gold mine full of their hard earned knowledge and experience; for free, on their own time, and without once feeling the need to attempt the verbal disembowelment or degradation of a total stranger.

    Happy New Year.

    Holy smokes Clayton, thanks for a reply dude. I have a few quick questions, I’m looking at my dashboard>manage>pages page and see no Archives anywhere. Another thing, About is already a page I’ve created, but it wont let me see it? I always get an error. Do I need to create the Archives page?

    I really appreciate your time man, thank you.

    BTW, I am no where near an experienced WP user, I downloaded it only days ago.

    Creating a page titled “Archives” and applying the “archives” template and saving should do the trick. The about page was there by default for me, I simply added content. You could navigate to manage > pages > about > edit and then re-apply the “default” template to the about page and re-save to see if that makes the difference. Beyond that I’m fresh out of ideas on that particular theme.

    I found code that replaced the original header.php code for nav links. Thanks for the help ClaytonJames.

    I’m thinking those 404/Page Not Found errors may have something to do with permalinks. Do you have permalinks set up? If so, was your .htaccess file writeable? If not, did you manually add the code?

    I just found 404/Page Not Found errors for every page: About, Archives, Contact Us, etc. I’m using WordPress 2.3.1. I have the Page Link Manager installed and was able to fix the 404 errors by going to Page Links under Manage and clicking on the Update Navigation button. I don’t know why the links got messed up in the first place though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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