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  • Hi everybody 😀
    I’m running my site on WP and I’m soooo happy with it.
    Now I’m looking to find some photogallery solutions: I’ve seen that there are plenty out there… and I can’t figure out what is the *right* solution for me.
    My needs are:
    – Integration with WP… as tight as possible.
    – “Dumb” upload… i.e. I put the photos in the right dir via FTP, and the gallery thinks about the rest.
    – Description per photo and per gallery, without having to hack with strange “comment files”… i.e. I can add them via wordpress.
    – Of course, no tables, but only pure CSS+valid XHTML.
    – Automatic thumbnail generation would be a major plus.

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  • ok simple php gallery fits all the needs except the comments – I don’t think you can add comments but it does everything else. all you do is edit the index template to match that of your main php files and then you have exactly the same design on your gallery.

    I hear people swear by Gallery and there are many resources to make integration easier – but I like the simplicty and no frills of Simple PHP Gallery.

    YOu can also do a search and find several, similar threads

    try Gallery at
    i’ve been using it for my site. flickr ( can also be nice.

    I implemented a javascript gallery. Still in the early stages, and involves tables, but it was all I could find that fit my needs which was captions per pic, thumbnails, easy to update, comments per gallery, and very tightly integrated into my site. I use the exhibit plugin to import the pics and create the thumbs, then use the jscript to manage presenting them.

    If you want to give it a looksee;

    Barbaric by most standards, but I’m extremely pleased with it.

    Bill R.

    I use coppermine myself.

    I decided against simple php gallery because I have a large photo gallery and all thumbs in spg are displayed on one page – it does not have the ability to spread thumbs across several linked pages.

    I could not use Gallery because my server does not support Imagemagick and Gallery no longer supports GD.

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    This is not a complete resource yet, but on the track to being one:

    enhanced simple php gallery does have pagination, download it from


    I can’t get any of them to work to look like the rest of my site.


    well, i don’t know what your new design looks like Tek, or I could offer some advice.

    Coppermine, really isn’t THAT difficult to modify unless you have some very complex layout.

    Basically, you copy your WP themes header and footer and put it in your coppermine template.html. You can even keep the same stylesheet reference, but you will have to hard code the url of the stylesheet. Then copy the CPG style.css ifno to your WP themes stylesheet and modify to match your WP theme.

    Due to the way CPG is coded, you cannot use the header, sidebar and footer as PHP includes without alot of hassle, so it is easier just to have the header and footer hardcoded in your CPG template.

    Also, browse through the CPG themes and find one has a similar layout to what you want and use tht as your basis for modification. Then it is just a mtter of changing table widths, removing theme related images, and adding your WP heaader and footer….

    Disregard…I figured it out just after posting

    I personally like GALLERY…visit to view how I merged them together.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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