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  • I’m currently preparing the next version of my site and was wondering what I should include. There are all these nice little extra features such as weather, polls, news headlines etc but I don’t know which to include or leave out.
    When you are looking at/regularly reading a site what about it (apart from the content of the actual blog) makes you want to keep comming back?

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  • Content, pure and simple.

    I better get working on some better content then.

    Attention to detail.

    How important do y’all think the layout/template of a site is?

    I read most blogs through RSS so the design matters little to me if the content is compelling.

    Cena, I think it’s a lot more important than most people admit.

    That is true. I certainly enjoy a well designed site more than one that is less aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t look at the sites that often if I’m a regular reader since I use RSS. I’m sure there are a lot more people that just visit sites semi-regularly than those who use an RSS aggregator.

    I use RSS as just a link to keep me aware of updates so appearance does matter, but it could never out-do content. If you don’t have interesting content and, of course, a regular update to your site you aren’t going to get my attention and if you happen to, I’m probably going to drop you from my RSS feeds out of boredom. The templates/layout is just a first impression thing, but that does matter. Features aren’t a big deal. Community drives people to the site and gives them places to go. Give them quality links, not just random ones that they don’t care about (like I do). 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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