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  • To add information where?

    Hi moshu. I am trying to put my personal information on my templates.

    For my rose template, this is what the author says:

    If you have WordPress 1.5, simply unzip the archive, maintaining folder
    > structure, into your wp-content/themes/ directory. Then login to your admin
    > panel, click “Presentation” and select Poetic Rose from your list of
    > available themes.
    > To customize:
    > To make this template your own, simply open up the sidebar.php file. The
    > fields between the <center> and </center> tags are available to edit at your
    > will. For instance: find this section of the file
    <div class=”aboutme”>a</div>
    > <center>Replace this with information about yourself<br>
    > Such as: where you are, who you are, etc.</center>

    For my boring default template, it also says to add/change information, files can be found in : wp-content/themes/default

    Obviously, something must come before that? wp-content……. on it’s own, gets me nowhere.

    Julianna those are not strictly uris that will fire up in a browser. You need to make your way to /themes in your ftp client or your theme editor will do it. It is a reference to a folder on your server

    For instance, if I go to themes and then themes editor, it shows a variety of things.
    “Browsing wp-content/themes/default/style.css”
    is at the top

    I have tried to make changes there, on that page but they don’t appear and only get cleared away.

    Well, I suppose you do NOT want to modify the the files online, do you? I think it would be better to open them in a (text)editor and make the changes you want, then upload them an over write the original.

    But. If you insist on online editing, then under the Presentation menu click Theme Editor, then chose the file you want to edit from the right side list and do it. Warning: In order to be able to edit them first you have to make them writable (CHMOD 666 for example) through your FTP client.

    Obviously, WAY over my head. How in the world do they claim that all of this is so simple???

    I’m a dental hygienist for God’s sake. It’s like telling someone ” just use 11/14 Gracey on the distal of number 19″. Go ahead, just do it. If that doesn’t work, perhaps you will like a universal 7/8 but only use the toe of the blade.

    Julianna, I am just a linguist who’s mother tongue is not even English 🙂
    I agree everything is scary at the beginning, but I am sure you can learn and master it. We will do here our best to help you through the first steps.

    Thank you for your humour moshu.

    I am just so completely frustrated.

    “If this file was writable you could edit it.”

    This is what I get on the bottom of my themes editor page.

    This is what it should say:

    “If you are a moron, you need to quit now and pay someone to add your personal information on your blog”

    Do you have any of the text editors listed here installed on your computer?

    Be patient, we will go step by step (I’ve already downloaded the Rose theme), just be patient 🙂
    (like the patients should be in the dental office, LOL)

    Nooo… it’s okay 🙂

    You need to CHMOD of change the file permissions of the theme files to 666.
    That sounds greek ?

    Look at your website cpanel, file manager and see if those terms are there.

    If you used an ftp client to upload files, then depending on which one you used, there may be something helpful here:

    We’re here to help, so do ask as much as you need 🙂

    Julianna you are not a moron and you are going to be a great asset to the community. Just take one step at a time and you will come to see that WP seems fiddly because it can do lots of stuff All of blogging is based on an illusion – which is that the girl in the street can grapple easily with web dev and server side software. What is sometimes true is you may not be able to do what you want right now . But please do not give up. A hygienist ? Heck there are Bishops and folks with knitting patterns doing WP. 🙂

    Thank you everyone.

    Here is the problem. Forgive me for being so frank.

    This is my original blog:

    It was so simple. I just filled in the blanks of the what about me and it appeared. Now, granted, I did just get someone to make me beautiful over there, but before that, it was so easy.

    I won a year of hosting and web design and blogger servers have been so incredibly SLOW, that I decided to make the move.

    I have been fighting this for three days now.

    I won a free web design but they will not be able to get to me until the end of April, so , stupid me, thought I could get this up and running and then it could be made prettier later.

    I am forced to just leave myself on blogger until I get this worked out.

    Thank you for trying to help.

    It is just SOOOO much more difficult that my previous experience. I think WordPress needs to look into making it more moron friendly.

    If you want to email me, I’ll get you up and running.
    I’ll need your website cpanel logins, but I’ve done this sort of things a few times now – trust me, I’m a blogger 🙂

    tamba2 at gmail dot com

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