What choices to have taxonomies only related to a unique post ? (1 post)

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    I'm wondering what are the possibilities for a given design problem and what is the best wya to achieve the following :

    I have for example two custom content types : projects and videos.
    Each project has several videos related to it.

    Some projects need to organise their videos in different categories.
    I'm thinking of creating a custom taxonomy, for example "topic".

    Those projects would have several "topics" and each video would belong to a topic (specified in the project). Several videos would share the same topic.

    Now... this taxonomy is not to organise videos at the site level but only at a project level.

    I'm thinking of creating a "topic" taxonomy like the built-in "tag" taxonomy.
    Each project would be tagged with topics and each video with a single topic.

    I guess that it won't be too difficult to display each project with its videos organised by topics, am I wrong ?

    Can you think of other options to achieve this ?

    Thanks a lot :)

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