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  • Hello,

    we have been using the JW-5 player with your plugin successfully for quite some time now and we thought it may be time to a) purchase and support the JW Player and b) get current on our player. However, we run into a serious problem that does not allow us to upgrade –

    Here is our setup:

    Plugin: JW Player 6 Plugin for WordPress Version 2.0.5
    Player: JW5

    [jwplayer config="Review-HD" file="/path/to/playlist.php" playlist="bottom"]

    /path/to/playlist.php does following: returns the appropriate header, followed by an xml/rss file (sample output to follow)

    within the php code we first set the appropriate header:

    then we return following:

    <rss xmlns:media="" xmlns:jwplayer="" version="2.0">
      <title>btv PHP Generated Playlist</title>
          <title>Title of the clip1</title>
          <media:content url="/path/to/videoclip1.mp4"/>
          <media:thumbnail url="/path/to/videoclip1..jpg"/>
          <title>Title of the clip2</title>
          <media:content url="/path/to/videoclip2.mp4"/>
          <media:thumbnail url="/path/to/videoclip2.jpg"/>
          <title>Title of the clip3</title>
          <media:content url="/path/to/videoclip3.mp4"/>
          <media:thumbnail url="/path/to/videoclip3.mp4"/>

    Again, this all works great with the JW 5 player – I get my video and my playlist at the bottom.

    BUT, if I upgrade the player to JW 6 I get following: a black canvas with following error message: “Playlist could not be loaded: File not found.” Once I revert back to JW 5 all is well.

    Can somebody please point me to a possible solution to figure our what has changed and/or how I can make my setup work with JW 6

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    – Uwe Willenbacher

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  • Plugin Author JW Player


    The player is probably trying to get the file “bottom”, because the playlist parameter in JW Player 6 points to the playlist.

    The parameter for setting the location of the playlist with the JW Player 5 should have to be playlist.position=”bottom”.

    The correct shortcode for Player 5 should have been:

    [jwplayer config="Review-HD" file="/path/to/playlist.php" playlist.position="bottom"]

    In JW 6 this becomes

    [jwplayer player="2" playlist="/path/to/playlist.php" listbar__position="bottom"]

    However the plugin should be able to fallback from the above player 5 code.

    Thank you – following code worked:

    [jwplayer playerid=”8″ width=”640″ height=”580″ playlist=”/path-to/playlist.php” playlist.position=”bottom”]

    I just saw your email to me personally – The Site/URL is a Company internal WordPress site…so, I would need a “real” email so I can create a username/password for you to see the shortcut code…and the page. I’d be happy to set that up if you…

    – Uwe

    Plugin Author JW Player


    If you want to keep the latest embedcode I would suggest you use listbar__position instead of the playlist.position. The latter is deprecated and only supported as a fallback.

    Do you still need help debugging?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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