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  • I was wondering, can the developers of plugins somehow see which sites have downloaded their plugin?

    I am talking about the developers that don’t have the plugin registered with the site.

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  • Well, in theory yes. What you would do is within your plugin is write some code that calls back to your server along with the website domain which you then record into a database.

    Just make sure to tell your users before they install that you plan to do that or you will have quite some unhappy users.

    Its not me but I am suspicious of someone else that I was learning about niche marketing.

    So I picked two decent niches, then loaded the plugins, and shortly after I see these other websites pop up out of no where with the same niche as me. I checked the WhoIs registration date and everything. And both of the layouts/wordpress themes are the same for both of the websites. Thats when I figured that someone might be spying on what I was doing. Coincidence, I think not, but you never know.

    Is their anyway you can give me some guidance to detect whether their is actually some code in the plugin or not?

    Are these plugins public and if so, can you pass the link to me and I can have a quick look.

    But basically within the code if you see something like wget, curl or any IP addresses or another domain in the code then in theory, it is possible for it to be logged. Not saying all plugins do that, but technically they could if they use the follow above.

    Also, if they encode any parts of the code then chances they are. There is very little few reasons to encode parts of code.

    Hi Snat, you actually have to sign up for the newsletter to download the plugin. But then they have a so called professional verison of the plugin which I had.

    Inorder to get the pro. version you had to sign up for his membership site, which I did for 6 months and costed me almost $1,000.

    But here is his site to sign up:

    He will send you alot of emails about other offers, so just unsubscribe at the bottom after you download.

    O and please let me know what you find! I am very curious now. I totally trusted the guy before signing up and after the course until just recently when I started seeing these similar sites poping up.

    I am going to have a look now. I am not going to get the pro version so I can’t speak for that one.

    And no worries about the newsletter, that is what my spam e-mail address is for 🙂


    I can’t even download the plugin (server problems). I will check again in an hour or so.

    Snat, any luck with downloading it yet?

    I haven’t been able to download it yet, but I am going to be trying again at about 6pm.


    Umm, I have just notice that all of a sudden that link doesn’t work. Going to see if I can find another link on his website.

    Edit 2

    Heh, the whole thing is IonCube encoded. Although am going to try it still and see if my server calls out to an random server. To be honest, I wouldn’t trust any script that is encoded more defo if the download comes from not a well known person.

    Thanks, I deleted the plugins anyway. I appreciate your effort.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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