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  1. iSmolik
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    I’ve implemented WP Quadrantum plugin on my contact page to let people see my latest Foursquare checkins. I’ve got strange problem which is, that the last check in is not showing up. Only some old one.

    You can see the difference on my website http://www.airsmolik.com/contact/ and my Foursquare page https://foursquare.com/airsmolik The latest checkin doesn't show up on my website.

    I've contacted the developer of the plugin and we tried:

    - using a different browser, one with no cache entries and one which I'm not signed into your WordPress site or Foursquare and
    - disabling all other plugins to ensure there's no other caching cleverness going on.

    No change.

    At the end the developer knocked up a custom page template and added my PHP code directly on the test page ... see http://test.vicchi.org/contact/ ... and it worked! On his Foursquare (https://foursquare.com/v/lokku/52ca7276498ec08267292e20) and page the checkin was shown immediately.

    My code used: <?php echo do_shortcode('[wp_quadratum_map width_units=% width=100 zoom=14]'); ?>

    There has to be something else either caching the page or the response from the Foursquare API, but I can't think what that is. It was caching even If I deactivated all the plugins!

    Would you think of anything what would be the cause of the problem?
    It's on http://www.airsmolik.com/contact

    Thank you
    Libor Smolik

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