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  • nateblack


    im sure this is a common and annoying topic to keep seeing but i did search the forums and google and while they are helpful the information i get is fairly dated. many time the plugin in question has been implemented into WP already or the link has gone dead. so please bear with me 🙂

    here is the scenario:

    your WP blog is stranded on a deserted island and is allowed 1-3 plugins, what would they be?

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  • Adam Brown




    tell u what if my blog is stranded on a deserted island i would ONLY activate the most USEFUL plugin in such cases!!!



    hahah maintenance mode

    “sorry my blog is down right now while i figure out how to get off this island”

    and appreciate the link to the most popular but yes ive seen it and its not exactly what im asking about. things like: podpress is #7 on there. while popular not really a must have.

    i think something like akismet is obligatory so we can leave that out. but i do think maybe WP-cache would be on my list of must haves



    i do think maybe WP-cache would be on my list of must haves

    Only if you have a high traffic blog. Otherwise…

    On a more general note: I install WP for many other people (clients) and except the mandatory antispam combos I rarely install the same plugins for them because they all have differnt goals, different settings, different use of WP.
    Not even on any two of my blogs I have the same plugins.

    That’s why I never understand these questions. What is a “must have” on one of my blogs… might be a completely obsolete thing on yours.



    CformsII. Excellent! Multiple contact forms, if you like, sent to multiple email addresses.

    Image Caption Easy. I’m not sure about the most recent revision, but dang, I sure like what the 2nd to last version did for my sites.

    Flickr Photo Gallery. Really, really nice albums and slideshows and even a sidebar widget.

    Emailshroud. Does what it says it will. Very dependable.

    I love these plugins.



    I’m assuming you do not count the ones that come bundled, like Askimet. Hummm…lemme see…

    MyCSS – one spot to keep all your custom css definitions that works across all themes. (Hate moving that stuff when I change themes and I’d particularly hat moving it to another island).

    In-Series – I write fiction and you gotta keep those critters organized and being on an island, Id get a lot of writing done.

    Twitter Updater – That way I could blog HELPPPP!!!!! to the broadest audience.



    Image Headlines (or, Headline Images) by Coldforged

    Have been using this for several versions of WordPress and I so enjoy being able to choose the font & color of my headlines, this plugin converts each headline to PNG images that I think look nice. You can put shadows behind the headline too. Always surprised more people don’t use this plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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