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  • Moderator James Huff


    Moderator James Huff


    1. The default theme with modifications.

    2. Manji 2 –

    3. Minima Plus –

    Hmmm. None so far.

    Simplicity is nice. Yadda as well. MinimaPlus also has a nice touch of minimalism.

    IMHO overall it’s just eyecandy with a different header.

    I know that themes are supposed to be that way – but I long for some specific functiuons as well …

    Moderator James Huff


    but I long for some specific functiuons as well

    Isn’t that what plugins are for? ^_- If not, please explain. You’ve caught my curiosity. ^_^

    I’m curious too, since a theme is meant to be a barebones design, the functionality and features brought in with plugins.

    I certainly agree with you that Themes are dedicated to do the visuals and Plugins to functions.

    But I look at the blog from an interaction design point of view. Any kind of interface (made of design and functions) creates a certain metaphor how to interact with the software (mostly blogs in our case).

    So a ‘simple’ theme (should) serve a bigger purpose then JUST ‘showing’ the most important functions and making them look ‘nice’. We all know how important a good interface is – especially if you are doing a community blog or want people reply to your postings.

    IMHO most themes just take the bare bone functions and ‘offer’ them in the usual ‘way’: comments here, archive there.

    So for me a theme should go beyond this – it should add a certain feeling AND way to interact with a blog. In that way it’s interaction design should also reflect the character of the blogger (or it’s style of community). Like good typography – good interaction design has a ‘message’ that extends it’s content.

    So far I have hardly seen any styles that reflected different styles of content and how to ‘operate’ them. A review blog needs a different interaction design then a linear timebased diary (which most themes ONLY support).

    Most blog are obviously only offer a linear timebased structure. But as blogging evolves more and more blogs will offer different content and therefore need different structures, designs and functions to present them.

    I hope I made my point understandable?


    Yes, good point that is what i had in mind when i re-design my blog… i love the new design and i already made apublic version for alex contest…
    …design without functionality is not worthed.

    I do not want to over complicate this dialogue but useability has got to be right up there and that is closely related to the useage. WP is flexible now that the variety can be infinite. From the web dev point of view CSS is a different issue to hacking about with the php to increase the functionality. The question of what is a *good* design is very broad and related in part to what the function of the blog in question is going to be.

    xmarcos, where is your theme available to download? I haven’t been able to find it.

    Manji, Conestoga Street, and Kubrick – all three offer a range of choices between them and are easily customizable with well written comments within the code to help you find exactly the div you’re looking for.

    Manji is probably my number one favourite and I’m running it on my blog right now. If you look at the stock template and what I’ve changed you can see just how customizable it is.

    Manji is my No 1. 🙂

    hesed2: i’m fixing some javascript and cleaning up the code so it may take a few more days before i make the theme available for download.

    love minima plus… I’m working on an edited version called MinimaBadr that will have plenty of tweaks. Kubrick all sidebar edition ain’t bad either

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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