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  • Hello,

    Your Demo Slider is perfect. I am trying to replicate the same via the metaslider, but fail to reproduce the same. How did you do that?


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  • This is certainly not the best practice for this, but it works, and will let you modify that home slider without mucking around with the Metaslider plugin.

    In the wp-content/themes/vantage/slider folder, you’ll find a backgrounds folder and a demo.php file.

    The demo.php file is a simple div with a list loop contained within.

    Simply replace the images in the backgrounds folder with your new background images and the overlay image to be used for that background, and then modify the demo.php page to reference the new files you’ve uploaded.

    You can add new li elements to expand beyond 2 slides as needed.

    IMPORTANT CAVEATS: Again, this is not the best practice for this, but it is a simple hack that gets you up and running until you figure out the Metaslider. It does have some drawbacks, primarily that this will be wiped out and replaced every time you upgrade the Vantage theme, which will replace these files and revert them back to original specs.

    But if you save the graphics you’re using and the demo.php file contents in a separate folder outside of the Vantage theme folder, you can just replace these and be up and running again.

    Hey Media, thanks, that helped me much

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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