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    What are the pros and cons of moving the original “sand box / test site” that was built on to Or is it simply better to start from scratch?

    I’ve searched this topic and have read some dated and closed threads pointing to,, etc. and am more unsure now than when I began this morning what is the best route to take with features currently available in 3.5.1, particularly after having screwed things up and then fixed the test site back to before hacking.

    I set the WP sand box site up nearly a year ago for a friend and she has done some content development that probably could be utilized, though we never set out with the intent of recycling content into her new site. Now she says she’s ready to try working on the “real” website and before meeting with her tomorrow morning, I’m hoping that some kind soul will share a little guidance for me to give her.

    If it’s relevant to your response, you may look at both:
    the test site sand box
    and her existing “old” site that her father-in-law built a while back.

    Thank you for any response.


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  • WordPress is very easy to move if you know what ftp/a database is. If you feel comfortable using an ftp client like filezilla and using administrative tools like phpmyadmin people on this forum can give you quick step by step guidelines. Also, have you looked at Moving WordPress?

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes please, any advice will be much appreciated. And yes, FileZilla I use all the time, but not too much time spent with PhpMyAdmin… though some.

    And lastly, I looked at Moving WordPress – is that the route you’re suggesting?

    Thanks again.

    So, WordPress consists of ~1000 files plus more if you have any non stock themes or plugins, and a mysql database. You need to move both of those. You can just ftp the files to the new directory, and I like using WP Migrate DB to move my databases because it allows me to do a find and replace on file paths and the url.

    Thank you Andrew for your advice.

    Kindest regards,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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