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  • A WordPress codex page says that certain hosts “disable the PHP functions used to alert update services.” So far, I have only the service selected.

    Does anyone know what those specific PHP functions are? I am trying to find out if my host disables those functions and have been having a little bit of trouble.

    When I emailed, they responded “We do not allow our servers to being PINGed”

    But I thought WordPress was the one sending the pings, not the other way around.

    Also, I found this on one of their help pages: “We do not disable any PHP 4 functions on our Linux hosting accounts.” -and- “The PHP 5 function register_globals is turned off by default”

    I have Linux with PHP5.2

    I called for clarification; they said there was a bit of a mix up and that I needed to find out the specifics for the pingomatic service.

    Does anyone know what specific PHP functions are used to alert the pingomatic updating service? Thanks.

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