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  • I have tried the new custom post type link_library_links in order to get the links to be displayed in grids. Only titles / links shows up, no desctription nor image. Wondering what parameters you can addd to the short code [link_content]. That code appears in General Options / Single Item Layout.

    Thanks for the update to v6.0 including custom post types. Should help a lot.

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    The tags that you can use in this field are:


    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    I will work to add a more complete list of fields soon.

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    List of fields added after layout configuration field.

    @jackdewey: Where do I find Layout configuration field? I searched FAQ, but didn’t find anything. Do you mean the Single Item Layout under Global Options?

    By the way, [link_address] and [link] don’t show anything, if I use that for example with WP-to-Twitter. Some other work normally…
    Additional, I’m missing Link-Category. Is it possible to add that?

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    I just ran a test on my local development site and all fields yielded data, when used on single post pages. Are you saying that [link_address] and [link] do not work on single post pages, or that they don’t work with other plugins? All of these codes are only intended to be used in single link pages.

    The one issue I did fix with this feature is that the line breaks from the editor were not coming out in the page display. This will be resolved in 6.0.25.

    I also added a [link-category] tag to be used in single item layouts.

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    The Layout configuration field is the table found in the Advanced Tab.

    Thank you for your answers.

    I want that there will be send a tweet if there will be added a new link. I use the Plugin WP-to-Twitter for several years and it worked well.

    The plugin is able to use custom fields. So I’m still able to use it – I hope so…

    It recognize Link Library. I tried [link_description], which work. However [link_address], [link_title], [link_category] and [link] don’t work execpt of Single Item Layout.

    I don’t know why one work and the other not. Is it a problem with WP-to-Twitter or is something different between those tags in Link Library?

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Ah, I understand. It’s because [link_address] is not the custom field name. It is a code that I use only when displaying single links.

    [link_url] would be the custom field name for the URL.

    The title is stored in the title field of the post. So you would have to see how to normally get access to a post title.

    Category is stored from taxonomy link_library_category. Again, you would have to see in this plugin if it can extract the category based on a taxonomy name. Finally, [link] in an aggregate of the post title and the URL, so not something you could easily get from an external plugin.

    Thank you for your help. I thought, custom field name and short code is the same, because it have worked for one code / custom field. It look like it was coincidence.

    At the moment, the plugin is only able to use custom fields and not a taxonomy. I’m not a developer – I’m not sure what is the different between both. I will write to the plugin developer for further information.

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