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    Bit cheeky but thought it is worth an observation. I just designed my first WP blog and asked a question yesterday about if it is possible to bulk pre-register users. I left it 4-5 hours and just checked back for interest’s sake. I was astounded to find another 50-100 posts had already been made and I was now on page 3!!

    Needless to say I never got a reply – 24 hours later I am now hundreds and hundreds down the list. The percentage of posts that even get a reply looks lower than I have ever seen elsewhere. Congrats to such a successful forum and commiserations to those who battle to help people. I just wonder if you are the victims of your own success?

    I did try to frame a clear question and searched diligently on the forum, Google and another forum without finding anything like my problem. I help out on several linux forums but have never seen this level of traffic in a single sub-forum.

    If anyone knows of another forum that gives free WP advice where I’d be likely to get an answer I’d be interested to know.

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    Given that the forums are staffed by volunteers, don’t be cheeky 😉

    There are far fewer helpers than there are people who need help, and … yes, it’s hard to keep up. We are open source, so support (like development) is done by those who step up and step in. The sad truth is there are always more users than helpers. We actually DO go through the not resolved posts regularly (as well as the no replies, which is why we tell you NOT to bump), but it’s few helping many. And we know.

    As it happens, I posted an answer to your question. You can import via a csv file using a plugin.

    Yep, this is exactly my observation.

    It’s apparent that the user base was much smaller when the forums were conceived. Now the site is so huge there must be a thousand new entry/replies per day now. If your post is not answered in the first few hours it probably will never get answered, so it even helps to think about your time zones and when people able to answer might be online, and time your post accordingly.

    The only way forward is to come up with a revamp of the forums. This could be incremental.

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    Or more people could step up and help out 😉

    Thanks guys and sorry for the cheek. One day. one day, I’ll be able to help a bit myself. At the mo, though, I’m a newbie at blogging. I truly value your comments and your hard pressed time. I do know what it is like – I help on a linux distro forum which is getting very popular an we struggle to help all those who ask for help.

    I must say I find blog-type forums much more difficult to use. I prefer the standard forums with more sub-forums – easier to keep track of content. Anyway, don’t feel you have to reply. Go help the rest. And I thank you for answering my post. BTW – I later posted the same request on McBuzz and had a reply within a couple of hours. There were only two other posts after mine!! The difference between the two forums was rather marked…

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    The problem with WP is that the bar’s a lot lower than for Linux, in my opinion. By the time someone’s using Linux, they understand computers. WordPress can quite literally be picked up by a rookie and they can have a blog in under an hour. So we’ve opened the doors to the hordes.

    Which is why I always suggest to people complaining (not that you are!) that the help isn’t fast, that they should jump on in and pitch in! I got started by seeing a question I knew the answer to, and answering. It snowballed 😉 But Open Source works best when you give back, and you can’t force people do give back, sadly.



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    There’s also the sheer luck of the draw. If your post is spotted by someone who knows the answer (or can at least point you in the right direction), you could get an answer within minutes. Other times, you might wait for days.

    You are right of course. Me – I’m off to get my blog working. Then I’ll be back to see what I might help with. Cheers – feels good to mark this up as resolved

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