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    What are the alternatives to Exec-PHP?

    I tried now 5 WP plugins and they do code snippets somewhere in wordpress.

    I like to get the same functionality as Exec-PHP – with it I could simply enter my code in the stanbdard <?php … format.

    Is there any plugin like that out there?

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  • To answer my own question, I found a good workaround that I like:

    I installed the “PHP Everywhere” Plugin. So on the page I just write [php_everywhere].

    Unfortunately the input box for your own code is very small. That is fine for <?php echo 'hello mars'; ?> but totally unsuitable for long php code.

    So I did this code in the little box:

    $path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];
       $path .= "file_store/index.php";

    I created a directory next to wordpress (but you can do that wherever you want, does not has to be browser reachable)

    The index.php page I then write like any other PHP page and upload to the webside.

    If you do any changes on your index.php you should still save the WordPress page, even though you didn’t change anything there. It’s because to clear the cache.



    Have you tried or taken a look at this plugin?

    Allow PHP Execute
    By sksdev

    It’s newer – last updated about 3 years ago… And it’s very simple, less than 100 lines of code.

    I swapped out Exec-PHP and replaced it with Allow PHP Execute, and everything on my site continued to work flawlessly. This newer plugin also passes a PHP 7.2 compatibility check with no errors or warnings.

    Here’s the procedure for how I made the change:

    1. Install the ‘Allow PHP Execute’ plugin, but do not activate it.
    2. Deactivate the existing ‘Exec-PHP’ plugin.
    3. Activate the ‘Allow PHP Execute’ plugin.
    4. IMPORTANT: Go to Settings > Allow PHP Execute, and set the options how you want them.
    5. Clear your entire website cache, if applicable.
    6. Test all the pages or site content that includes your PHP code.
    7. If everything checks out, then remove the old, deactivated ‘Exec-PHP’ plugin.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks, but I am now quite happe with “PHP Everywhere”

    I just make that link, and then have my *.php pages out of webreach, below the public_html folder.

    Best is, I can write my php code with notepad++ – and all my pages are in one folder. If I want to change hosts, very easy to move.

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