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  • A debate has come up recently about development best practices within a group of friends.

    Most of them are UX people that have installed plug-ins and modify CSS for their WP sites through sftp. Recently, however, some have moved to the multiuser framework.

    In the past they’ve written their CSS and installed their plugins by ftp’ing the files to the WP sites. Now that they’re moving to multiuser, it’s not clear how to copy the plugins and copy the css themes.

    Is it the best practice to have ftp or ssh access for the WordPress developers or is it best practice for them to install all the CSS and plugins via the WP UI?

    Many of their unix sysadmins want to limit or eliminate the WP developers ssh/ftp access for security concerns.

    Thoughts? What are the best practices?

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  • Vadonis


    Using and activating Plugins and Themes on WordPress Multisite install is different then a regular WordPress install. The Network Dashboard is where all plugins and themes should be installed and edited. Plugins can be activated one by one on each site, or network activated. If plugins are network activated, each site under that network is required to use that plugin. Now for activating themes is different too. For a theme to show up on any site on a Multisite install is MUST be network activated or it will not show in the themes section. Any edits made to a theme activated on multiple sites on a Multisite install will be seen on each site that the theme is activated on. To have the same theme activated on each site but different styling, it is recommended that child themes are used. That way the themes can be edited while not touching the parent theme and each site can have its on modification, unless the theme itself has built-in skins that look similar but with css style changes so it looks different from the default theme skin.

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