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  • Hey all, I am stumped and been looking all over for how to acheive this. I have a wp site and I made a menu button and what I want to do is when clicked it will open a lightbox gallery (prefer a larger centered image with thumbs row under it) over top of the webpage.
    I have played with nexgen gallery and I have to embed the gallery into a page, I don’t want to do that but would want to automatically open the lightbox gallery on menu click and not open another page.

    Any tips and tricks?

    Right now in my theme I have the option of putting a custom menu link like that of http://xxxxxxx.xxxx
    And I am lost at this point.

    Thanks for any tips!

    PS: The only thing I could think of is finding a program that can make a gallery with lightbox features and create output files that I could put on my server and have the custom menu link call that, has to be an easier way though.

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