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    I have changed my permalinks to eliminate the redundant blog name.
    to be simply:

    This is what I changed the permalinks to:

    I have entered both and checked the regex box BUT when I got to Google, do a search for an exact title on one of my posts to test, the link in the address bar has the DATE in it, which does NOT show up on the Edit page.
    which I NEVER authorized. How it got there, who knows.

    Finally had to do TWO redirects, first to eliminate the redundant name, then the second to eliminate the date, which is the way the url on the edit screen shows (without the date), and which I want. I do not want a date archive, a useless thing. Everything needs to be by subject to be useful.

    Interesting that a Category url showed up in Google and it redirected just fine.

    Now, do I have to go through my entire site and check individual posts and pages to see which have the date or have another problem and are not redirecting properly? How would I do that since now the Edit screen show the correct url without the date year/mo/dy?

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  • 22carol


    Another problem I see is only in the last couple of days did my host put on the S in https. I made a redirect from http to https with regex. Have been going thru my site and each one shows up differently, some even on a different search! Have no clue because I was using Yoast and would not have mixed urls! The whole thing is a mess that I cannot seem to fix in every case. Some yes, more no.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    I’m not really sure what you are asking. Can you give an example of a URL that is not redirecting by Redirection?

    Sorry, I was longwinded but it does explain the problem.

    In permalinks I do not want and never put the date in the url, i.e., 2019/05/05.

    The default “archive” by date is useless, I have never used one on other sites in all the years. Besides being useless, it creates “duplicate content” penalties.

    I set the permalinks to be clean, title only, no date, /title
    BUT search engines show them WITH the date, 2019/05/05/title
    Url in the Edit screen shows NO DATE.
    How did the date get added for the search engines?
    How do I kill it for those already out there and for all future posts/pages?

    The PROBLEM is that when they are in search results WITH the date, clicking shows a NOT FOUND ERROR! Because the real link is WITHOUT the date.

    Not all of my pages/posts can be found in search engines so I don’t know how each of them would appear. I have created redirects for those that do appear and finally those appear correctly now in the SEs.

    I created general ones also to hopefully catch others as they get indexed.

    I am a research site so therefore most of my urls are timeless material and should not have a date.

    I don’t want to have to check up on search engines to make sure all future posts and pages do not have a date. I want the date permanently GONE from everything.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Ok. There are a lot of questions there and most of them are general WordPress ones which you should ask in another forum. With regard to Redirection, can you explain what problem you have?

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