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    I have recently started up a blog site for the first time, and am slowly coming to grips with how everything works. However, every so often something happens that completely baffles me, and I have just hit one of those momments!

    What is happening is:
    Every time I publish a post, each with a picture and then some writing underneath, it will look really good at first. But then when I return to my site, say the next morning for example, the photos will be gone. When I go into the post to try and edit it to see what is happening, the image frame is still there but the image is just not showing up. The first time I tried to put the image in again, and that worked fine, but a little while later the pics were gone again. So I am just not sure what I am doing wrong? I am putting the pictures in by going to the “insert image” option then typing the URL on the website (not mine) where they are located. Should I be doing it differently?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, however please be as specific as you can, because even if it seems obvious to you…well I am still a giant newbie:)

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  • Any ideas???:)

    then typing the URL on the website (not mine)

    In plain English that’s stealing!
    Bandwidth theft and (maybe) copyrighted material theft.

    When bloggers like you do that with my images – usually I replace them with an pic showing a big hairy a$$ 🙂

    You should use your OWN images and stored on your own server.

    Ok…sorry to offend you!

    Firstly, I am promoting the website in question, and therefore I have permission to use the pictures in question. Infact these images are there for the sole purpose of being used by their affiliates (i.e me!)for promotional purposes.

    Secondly, if I am going about it in the wrong way, maybe you could take the time to explain it to me nicely so that I can understand, instead of insulting me?

    …Just a thought!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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