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  1. Dan
    Posted 2 years ago #

    There are useful articles online that provide insight on the downside of using WordPress MultiSite.
    Unfortunately, almost all assume a WPMU that have dozens sites and/or that have several site admins.

    Based on that, they warn about the multiplicity of the tasks for the newtwork admin, the risk of having several site admins, WPMU's impact on memory and database, and the like.

    Are the cautions against WPMU apply in case of a WPMU with just a few sites (2-5) and with only one admin?

    Imagine you are setting up website that covers Business and Arts in English and French languages. Thus, "four sections"; so that English readers would not be bothered by French; and business readers by arts; as much as possible.

    * You will certainly need categories named "NewYork", "London", "Paris" for each section - four times. But you can't do that on a single WP site, since category names & slugs have to be unique(be it a parent or sub-category).

    * You would wish to have dynamic home/front pages for each section. Especially - on single posts -sidebars in a language similar to that of the post being read.(Google webmaster seems to recommend that)

    Taking my example into consideration, does the advise that "why bother with WPMU when you can do it with a single WP" still stand?

    Thank you.

  2. Taking my example into consideration, does the advise that "why bother with WPMU when you can do it with a single WP" still stand?

    Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

    Example? You could have CPTs for NewYork, London, Paris, and Budapest (More!). And each slug off each CPT would be language specific:


    and so on.

    BUT. There's no absolutes here. When I give my talks and write my posts about the dangers of Multisite, I stress there are no answers that fit everyone, and sometimes it's right to break the suggested recommendations, and sometimes it's not. My goal's to point out that there ARE options, and good admins consider all of them, rather than blindly grasping the first idea.

  3. Dan
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you.
    I presume you would respond to the first question in the affirmative.
    Then, perhaps, I should play with CPT to grasp the full extent of possibilities (in conj. with categories).

  4. Dan
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Before closing this thread, I shall share two materials that I just found - to any newbie who might need them.



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