• Resolved JarekM


    Hi Kuba,

    would it be possible to get a notification when a specific usermeta field gets updated?

    You know, many interesting things sit there, like user billing address, tax number, shoe size, opinion on the newest Justin Bieber’s song… If some of these change, they can require some manual intervention by the admin. Notification needed!

    Cheers — Jarek

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  • Plugin Author Kuba Mikita


    Hi Jarek,

    It’s possible but unfortunately it’s not a core feature. I tried to implement it and turned out that my plugin is too flexible 🙂 It’s hard to specify from what object pull the meta when notification is triggered.

    So this one waits as an addon (https://github.com/Kubitomakita/Notification/issues/12) but you can of course add your own trigger and handle the meta you like! This would require some coding, but it’s possible.

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