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  • richcb7


    I am thrilled that WP is adding auto-updating to the upcoming 5.5 core release.

    I have added the plugin WordPress Auto-updates and it looks great, except for one thing.

    there is nothing there to display the UPDATE HISTORY

    I have gone through the core documentation (as much as I could find) and there are zero references to “Update History” or just the word “History” The plugin should have something somewhere that shows what updates have been done and the results. But I can’t find it.

    If this exists you need to some kind of documentation where I can view this information.

    Thank you

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  • This plugin serves a very modular & lightweight purpose. Having a log of update history that can be accessed (while still being reasonably secure) is probably going to double, if not more, the plugin’s footprint (on the site as well as support/management.)

    When it comes to modularity, there are plenty of simple history/audit log plugins that will then add a history of plugin updates (many then specifying if it was WordPress that automatically updated it or if it was manually updated by a user [and then specifies which user]). Forum policies state you really shouldn’t point to other plugins from a support forum for a plugin, but just know that these plugins are out there, are quite good, and work perfectly alongside this plugin (plugins are modular & you can have 2 plugins to meet your specific needs here… one lightweight one that does auto-updates, and another that keeps a history of plugin updates [and other activity] in a much more fully fleshed out fashion.)

    I can definitely understand why this plugin wouldn’t look to implement this given the ecosystem for being able to add a plugin in a modular way to just add this functionality without this plugin needing to include it (modularity & interoperability is often a better approach than seeking a plugin that does it all in one.)

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