Support » Plugin: Query Monitor » What about small sounds for found problems?

  • QM shows me visaul problem with coloring his admin bar element. But often, I do not regnocnize this fast and waste time to find reasons for the unexpected output, I see.

    So maybe a small acustical sound could help me, like I get it from the most “normal” desktop applications too.

    If you would think about it, maybe a good solution would be different sounds, if there is an Error, a Warning or only a Hint.

    But in my case, I would disable this, since I always get problems, since I disabled the external HTTP requests of WordPress with the from you suggested Airplane mode. It works great, but WordPress still shows a warning in wp-includes/update.php:155, not to be able to connect

    Maybe it would be helpful to disable the sounds separately.

    … indeed it’s a lot of work for you. I do not expect your implementation. I just wanted to let you know my thoughts, to enable you to implement it, if you think it would be an improvement to the QM…

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