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  • Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    Well, depends on your result. Just try it and compare results.
    If no-plugin gives better results, dont use plugin 🙂

    What you need to compare is:
    1- Size of images
    2- Blurry etc. problems

    Please share your results with us here.
    (PS: i believe imagick makes resized images file size much bigger then GD.)



    Hi and thank you for the fast reply!

    You are completely right about just trying.
    As a matter of fact I just did a few tests with a photo of foliage with white text on top and your plugin gives remarkable results indeed.
    I was able to shave about 20% off the filesize, pulling down the jpeg quality to 75% and STILL have an image that looks way better than WP’s 90% jpeg quality.

    It’s unbelievable that WP does not seem to apply any unsharp mask.
    This is vital for small thumbnails!

    I believe you should try and find an algorithm to control your sharpening matrix on a scale from 1 to 10, that would be really cool.

    And btw, you are right about Imagick, I compared WP’s 90% default against a GD version and quality wise don’t see any difference. Only the filesize of Imagick’s was bigger.
    So what’s all the fuss than about WP 3.5 prefers Imagick and should be superior??

    Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    Imagick probably have much more advanced tools then GD. I am not expert on this area. I just wanted to get rid of blurry on my resized images and i couldnt found a plugin for it so i wrote this one 🙂
    Thats all.

    For sharpening level control, i wrote some examples in there:
    But i recommend you to use with default settings.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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