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  • In older versions we had the html button, that was great.
    Now, for some strange reason, this button was “downgraded” to the really weird “code” tab, that I think is almost useless.
    Anyway, could you add another tab/button in which we can really write HTML “raw” code?
    I think this is a pretty basic requirement.

    Thank you (and excuse my english).

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  • Disable the wysiwyg (in Users > Your profile) and you will get back the good old editor 🙂

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The Code tab really is raw html, same as before. Anything you type in the Code tab will be saved to the database exactly as you type it. Now, if you switch back to the visual tab, then the editor may modify your code before you save it, admittedly.

    The wysiwyg is now disabled but the quicktags, are almost the same thing and when I save the post I see some surprising brs.
    I’ve read some of the previous support threads about this and seems to be 2 answers:
    1.Disable the WYSIWYG (not working for me)
    2.Hack here and there and maybe it still doesn’t work (core files).

    This is my case. I design themes for people who maybe doesn’t know a thing about (x)html. So I take my time to search plugins and other things that make easier for them post content (video, audio, etc..) and for the site still keeping validating.
    But in some cases, there’s no plugin to save the code. And I would like to say (I did it before and it works):
    “Push the HTML button and paste this code …. and then replace this part ….”

    But the main question for me (besides the fact that I maybe could solve my particular case) is why WP developers are taking off a really useful part of the editor and put this hybrid that strips some of the html tags (quicktags does almost the same thing).

    I just want the html button (or something to put code that keeps exactly like that) back in the WYSIWYG editor. So any user have to switch editor or anything, just click a link or button or tab and write a little piece of code.

    I dont know if I´m clear, I hope you understand me (I know my english is not good at all). This is a request. Is it possible in a future WP version?

    Now, for this version. ¿Could it be solved changing something like wp-autop?

    Your English is OK – at least for me, another non-native speaker 🙂

    Actually, this statement: quicktags does almost the same thing – is not true!
    You can add/type any HTML code when the wysiwyg is disabled and it will keep it.
    [yes, copy/pasting text with linebreaks, will add br tags!]

    You will never be able to teach novice users (your clients?) how to copy properly a text/code in the wysiwyg animal… If they need 3-4 different lines of code, I just create 3-4 quicktags to insert it and I don’t even tell them about the existence of the wysiwyg 🙂

    There is also this plugin, just in case:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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