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  • What an epic waste of time. It takes at least 2 minutes to load, meanwhile the visitor has no idea what’s going on except they continue to get the error message – then your visitors have to go through 5 or 6 other “challenges”.

    Novel idea – might be fun for a kids website.

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    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with the plugin. Your issue is an unusual one– we’ve not heard feedback so far about it taking long to load. We track statistics on the server and find that nearly all load times are less than 10 seconds. So something might be unusual about your configuration, or connection to our server.

    I hope to convince you to change your rating by fixing your problem. I’ve alerted the tech guru about your problem and he will look into it right away. He will ask a few questions about your configuration.

    If possible, please enable FunCaptcha on a page where your users will not be impacted so we can see it in action. Let us know a link to that page and we will look at it right away.

    Kind regards,
    SwipeAds designer

    Plugin Author FunCaptcha


    Hello prthnon,

    I’m Kevin – the developer behind FunCaptcha.

    First, thank you for your report – It really helps us improve our plugin and services across the board and we certainly welcome all feedback.

    I’ve looked up your domain in our logs and have visited it (on your forgot password form) – I’m getting super fast load speeds (3 seconds to fully load the FunCaptcha). I’m using ADSL2, it would be great to know what connection speed you are using and if you are consistently seeing slow speedswhen trying FunCaptcha (You can try it on our website as well). FunCaptcha is a magnitude less then a standard webpage download, so you should not be seeing slow download speeds.

    We are not currently experiencing any technical difficulties with our servers, and have tested it globally and our download speeds seem all normal as we would expect.

    Regarding the user seeing an error – this message is visible only while the FunCaptcha cannot connect to our verification server, which happens if there are no keys entered into the plugin, or they are incorrect. We can see you have resolved this issue. It will never appear again since FunCaptcha is now setup correctly. We might change this so that until keys are entered in future, the CAPTCHA is disabled, which would make it not appear until the keys are entered – do you think this would have made your experience better?

    Regarding the number of challenges, this number is a security measure to prevent bots and spammers cracking the CAPTCHA and accessing your forms, FunCaptcha prides itself on being highly secure. This weekend we will be launching a new automatic security option that you can choose, which will have lower challenge turns if we believe the user is legitimate (and not a bot), and will scale up if we suspect the user a spammer/bot.

    If would be great to know how long it takes you to open your home-page normally as well, as that might be an indicator of if our server is slow or potentially your connection. Your page loads in a few seconds for me as a benchmark.

    If you’d like to share these details privately with us rather than post them here, please send them to me support(at) and I’ll take a look at all the details and see what we can do for you.

    Kind regards

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